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Recommended equipment:

Vaset lays within a mountain environment and is therefore affected by mountain weather.

Therefore we would recommend the following equipment:

  • Good footwear
  • Cloths suitable to the weather (Remember often it gets cold and windy during the evening / it can rain).

In addition it is also recommended:

  • Binoculars (can be rented)
  • Insulated sitting mat (can be rented)
  • Take a camera!

And lastly; bring large dollop of patience. If  the weather allow it and its not to dry in the area we will sit around the campfire. And if you like you can bring some marshellows and grill it over the open fire.

If we - against all odds - will not see moose, don't be sad. In this case nature and the wonderful view from the mountain plateau is pure medicine.

About Vaset moose safari:

We meet at a prearranged place and time to a guided evening tour to experience moose in their natural environment. During the tour you will learn about the mountain area, plants and animals. You will also learn about folklore and the mountain people, and of course about “The king of the forest - The moose”. It becomes a magical moment when the moose appears in the dusk. Join us on an experience where you can enjoy the walk up on a wonderful mountain plateau, the view and the moose and being one with nature. We will see the moose on a distance because we must not disturb those shy animals, especially the femals which have their small calves in summertime. The tour finishes with a good cup of coffee or tea. The tour is recommended for children and adults. The tour fits well for small groups for example photographic clubs, retreat and others.

Vaset on the map:

Prices and further details:

The season for the moose safari starts in july when the animals have moved to the mountains and lasts until the start of september.

Tour days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Other tour days will always be announced in the news-area on the Home-page.


  • Latest at 12 o'clock on the tour day
  • tlf.:  +4748143630

Length of tour:

  • The tour takes approximately 3 hours.

Price per person (adult): NOK 550

Price per person (child to 12 years old): NOK 450

Tollroad: included in price

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2960 Røn

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